Running is a cheap sport..

About 3 years ago, some friends talked me into joining my first half marathon (hands up how many of you have fallen into the same trap before?) Since then, I have come to realize that runners are liars have a very different perspective on things like distance and pain, especially pain.

Then another friend spouted rubbish waxed lyrical about the wonders of trail runs. Before I know it, I was sucked into the world of comparing leech bites and battle scars trail stories.

I would like to share my 3 humble observations:-

Running is a cheap sport:

No. No, it really is not. Unless you belong to that pantheon of individuals that can run with RM5.99 slippers (and there are runners that can) or a pair of Kampung Adidas, you will need shoes. And socks, and chafing cream, and medicated plasters and tapes for the pain. And oh yes, clothes (unless you run faster with the police chasing behind you). And for trail running, it is a whole different Amway level of products.

On top of that, time…a lot of time is needed and there is a reason people say time is money.

Running is fun:

This one is a little grey. Often, the fun only shows up after the run and after you’ve had a little time to laugh at yourself (and other runners) and forget the pain. It helps that many runners suffer from short term memory loss as well.

Running is good for you:

Again, this is a little grey. The other day, my mum brutally commented, “Why are you still so fat even though you run?” And with the increase of trips to the chiropractor after I started running, I really don’t dare say that it’s ‘good’ for me. In fact, I think my chiropractor would cheer in jubilation if I were to finally take her advice and stop running. In her words, my flat-collapsed arch-Asian feet are not meant for running.

With that said, I am busy packing for my next trail run coming up this weekend. Why you ask? Well, like I said, runners are liars have a very different perspective on things like distance and pain after all.



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